My proposal aims to involve the target in the project illustrated through a “young and captivating” graphic, which wants to attract a senior public attentive to health and that considers itself in step with the times. The aspect concerning sustainability is predominant: every graphic aspect aims to recall the world of “green” and recycling, in particular in the labels designed for glass bottles where there is a small tab that allows you to separate the paper label from the adhesive for later recycling. Considering the target’s knowledge of the technological world, even the labels designed for the ecological envelopes of vitamin supplements have their purpose: a QRcode is in fact affixed on their surface that allows you to know more about the origin of the products, about the “green” world and also about recycling. Everything aims, as far as possible, to be made using recycled and ecological papers , and, to reiterate the company’s mission, the iconic phrase of the brand “Live life, Sensitive and Sensible” is printed on each label. Finally, speaking of the logo created for “Genergize”, this plays on simplicity (an aspect generally appreciated by the target audience) and on legibility, playing with the shapes of the letters “G” and “E”, and then showing the real name ” Genergize “under the symbol. The small white cloud behind the logo represents the “natural” aspect of the brand, taking up an organic and sinuous shape that recalls the world of sustainability and nature.

Country Italy
Category 2022
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