– Base for water-based energy drink GENERGISE
When making the design for energy drinks, based on water.
It has been thought of making it visual so that the idea is quickly grasped. At
all times the target audience has been taken into account, being a young
design, but at the same time understandable. With the most important
information on the face of the product and a colour palette that is attractive.
The typography used gives that youthful look and at the same time, it can be
elegant, as you can see in the following product.
As for the finishes, transparent vinyl is thought to adhere to the glass
container. Die-cut with rounded tips.
At all times, the ingredients and benefits of the products will be specified
clearly and in detail.

– GENERGISE vitamin supplements
The design for vitamin supplements is much more elegant, with colors that
evoke a product of natural origin, and a much simpler structure. With the
necessary information.
It plays with the colors of the brand, to convey what we want, in this case
As for the packaging, it is initially designed for a recycled plastic bottle, but it
can also be used in a multilayer bag.

Country Spain
Category 2022
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