I observed people within the target market for the product in my surroundings and I chose to prioritize comfort of use. I chose simple packaging that is light to carry, has measured quantities of daily dose, is easy to read. I tought that it’s better to make daily packs than adding measuring cup to the vitamins. Regarding the design – I needed something outstanding, that catches the eye – and again by observing where my eyes go to at the shop, I concluded that simple clean designs are what it takes. I wanted to represent older people similarly to how I would represent anyone else, making it including for them but also not ignoring their age. Lastly for the sustainability aspect – thanks to using light aluminum bottles (that are infinitely recyclable) transport of the product produces less CO2. Vitamin supplements are packaged in a cardboard box for bundles and single sachets are made of compostable paper. All of this is plastic free. The labels are permanent adhesive made of semi-gloss paper. The cardboard box is printed all over.

Country Poland
Category 2022
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