This project had been developed by two design students.
Aiming to fulfil all the requirements contented on the briefing, we designed every component of this project inspired by natural elements deprived of compromising the usability, understanding, or reading of our target public.
The first goal we bore in mind was to create the packaging shaped by ecological precepts. Acknowledging all the manufacturing matters, we design labels and packaging which can be manufacture with almost no hindrance.
Thus, we opted for elements with less harm to the environment. These elements are glass, kraft paper, aluminium, thermoplastics (polypropylene and high-density polyethene) and ACTGreen barrier coatings . Therefore, we determined the employment of certificated and ecological printing inks on every label sample.
The elements beforementioned are broadly found and recognized by their properties on a beverage, food, and cosmetic conservation. Even so, both packaging and labels can be produced regionally, lowing the harmful effects of transportation.
The whole set of packages were drafted to be reused or recycled, with the intention to assure the achievement of the eco-friendly precepts aforementioned by the target audience.
The labels will be glued on themselves and the packaging, avoiding the separation between them. Nevertheless, the amount of glue was planned to be effective and enough to fulfil the objectives, causing less harm to the environment.

Country Portugal
Category 2020PT, TwentyTwenty