In this project I intended that all of it be a little more related to products derived from seaweed, although it also has other elements, I wanted to explore little known products and also because the seaweed has many benefits.
In relation to the font I used Bree Serif Regular for the brand and Lemon Regular and Minion Variable Concept because there is a very important point, these font are serifed and has capital and small letters which helps the senior public to have an easy reading.
When it comes to colors, I used direct colors, which makes printing cheaper and there are no printing problems, in this case PANTONES, especially dark green because it is the color we most refer to algae, is a color that indicates naturalness, biological and sustainable.
The labels are made with adhesive paper with matt plasticized, I consider it a sustainable option because they are labels of small size, without against labels and in direct colors. Two of the products I chose to realize a packaging in which on the own packaging it would be printed the label.
The design of the labels all goes with the brand, with the floating lines of irregular thickness, the colors strong and well distinguishable according to each flavor chosen. Some of the points that form the visual identity are, the illustrations used, the type of line and its variable thickness, font types and the way the information is distributed.

Country Portugal
Category 2020PT, TwentyTwenty