The technological part of the design is the Snab Tag code, which allows us to make a code in the logo of the brand for greater aesthetics, just scan the lid with the G and it will take us to the website of the company where you can see where the ingredients of the cream and the materials of the packaging come from.
The design of the jars are divided into 5 different colors for each cream with a typography that shows the brand name in large to make it more striking to the eye of customers and easy to read and recognize.

It has a pattern of squares formed by triangles that represents the protection and benefits it provides to your skin as a customer, each color is placed to try to give the visual sensation of the benefits of each cream.

In the bag we have the same colors as in the jars with the difference that the pattern is on the right side of the product that reaches the back, the brand name repeated on the front with different opacities seeking to highlight and draw attention to regular buyers and buyers customers and the type of vitamin at the top highlighted with a line.
On the back we have the product information with its values for the health of consumers and we also have the Snab Tag code that will take us directly to the website of the brand to have more information about the product and also to be able to buy online.

The proposal is adapted to the requests made while maintaining a recognizable brand aesthetic for the consumers of the product.

Country Spain
Category 2022
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