The challenge was to design a set of 5 labels for Genergise skincare products and 5 vitamin bags for Genergise, specially created for the elderly people, in an intuitive way that respects the environment.

In these products energy is graphically represented through colors and shapes. As for the graphics, the color palette combines fresh, youthful and easily recognizable tones to differentiate each of the products. Two colors are always combined, to represent energy or molecules.

Typography provides a retro feeling that will connect with the audience giving them confidence and closeness, always in a highly legible way, in order to improve the communication of the message even with vision problems (it is important to remember that Genergise products are aimed at people over 70 years of age).

By scanning the QRCode located on the side of the packaging (skincare products) and the back of it (vitamin bags), the user will be redirected to a website where they can complete a daily challenge or game to improve their short-term and long-term memory, so they can feel younger day by day using technology.

Colors, shapes and names of the products will change for each packaging. All the containers used are provisional. The real ones will adapt to the characteristics specified in the briefing.

Please keep in mind that these designs can be extrapolated to different product ranges.

Country Spain
Category 2022
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