The Humandate Genergise strawberry vitamins is one of the 12 flavours that gets produced. Perfect for 70+ females who are in need for their daily vitamin C (which is important for the strength of the bones) and vitamin D (immune system) intake. The slogan “Sweet Like Candy… but Healthy!” was chosen because of its catchy phrase. No one likes to take pills/gums/vitamins with a terrible taste. The Genergise vitamin gums are almost indistinguishable with strawberry flavored candy. The vitamins contain all-natural sugars that are healthy.

The Humandate Genergise facecream is optimal for 70+ females. The cream provides a healthy and smooth skin, which decreases aging and wrinkles. It also has other beneficial purposes like moisturizing the skin and feeling refreshed. The face cream is 100% vegan and has natural substances. We strive for more organic ingredients and we want to decrease animal testing, which is a huge problem till
this day. The cream consists for the majority of aloe vera. Aloe vera is an evergreen perennial that grows mostly in the Arabic area. The cream is dermatologically approved. It does not contain unhealthy chemicals that will show allergic side effects. If we look at the packaging, the text is very easy to read. There is a great contrast between the pastel pink color and the dark green color. The packaging is sustainable and easily portable, and the cardboard box is recycled.

Country Belgium