My proposal for body wash
and creams was to create
a package made of
ceramic, with a small film
of bioplasty inside the
package so that it does
not contaminate the
product in any way.
The label was completely
eliminated, the idea would
be to paint directly on the
ceramic with
biodegradable paint.
The brand logo would also
have a small relief in the
The ceramic packaging was
designed with the aim of
being reused, proposing a
strategy for collecting the
packaging used by customers.
If it is in good condition, it is
replenished and a
sub-substantial discount is
applied, thus encouraging the
reuse of packaging and or
recycling it, compensating
customers with discounts
on the next purchases.
The multivitamin was
thought to be made
almost entirely of cork.
The rest being a
transparent bioplastic fiber
where the logos appear.
This bioplastic and the ink
are the only thing the
packaging is composed of.
Thus creating a regular
packaging but made of
reusable materials.
And if the vitamins come
from the earth, why not the
packaging too?

Country Portugal
Category 2020PT, TwentyTwenty