Innovation & Technology

Touch Here fingerprint has a built-in thermal system that will allow us to know what our temperature is just by putting our finger on it.

If cream is needed, the fingerprint will fade and become less visible. If our skin is in an optimal condition, will remain as usual.

Interaction with users is instantly, creating a familiar relationship before opening the jar of cream.


Before starting to design, I have previously done a study on which color is most liked worldwide, also taking into account the different ages. This is how the idea of making labels using a range of blue colors was born.

This range can be extrapolated to other types of products, following a visual, familiar and intuitive line, capable of reaching any type of public, especially older people.


Few inks are used for greater sustainability.

I think that less is more, and we have to be conscious on what our main priorities.
Waste less inks and don’t pollute as much as we can do it.


Country Spain
Category 2022
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