At the beginning of the process, I thought to make a graphic mark with a sheet, since the products are organic, but in a research, I realized that there were already many solutions like this.
Then, in a research I did associated the word “Genergise” with the concepts of Energy and Happiness, which referred me to several photographs of potential consumers full of energy and who seemed an immense happiness. For this reason, in the symbol I tried to reproduce the concepts, causing it to have its arms in the air.
As for typography, I chose Vidaloka because it is a typography with good readability and its serifs go against the ends of the symbol, which shows sophistication in the visual identity, but not only, the fact that it has serifs helps to read it.
The color chosen was black, to have a good contrast, but on the labels I decided to apply the complementary colors, so that the readability is never lost.
Finally, I created several patterns from the symbol, one for each product range, making each range more easily differentiated.
In relation to labels, as an innovative element I put a QrCode that when scanned with the phone shows us all the product information.
For the sustainable aspect, the project was designed to reuse and/or recycle, so all packaging components are recyclable. For label printing, Cradle to Cradle Certified Offset Inks will be used without any toxic type and FSC Certified Uncoated Paper.

Country Portugal
Category 2020PT, TwentyTwenty