This is my proposal for the energise brand.

With respect to our labels, Our innovation is the QR Code with three vertical lines. When you scan it with your mobile phone, it takes you to a page where there is all the information about each product and its components.
Each time you scan it, it tells you what effect each product is having. To access this code, you need to download our application

As for the design, we have chosen a wave pattern that conveys tranquility and elegance. The waves represent the effect that each product has over time. In the same way, these shapes symbolize the texture of the product
texture of the product (cream) applied to the material. The typography is easy to read and modern, to convey a more youthful air. As for the colors, in the creams, we wanted to convey elegance and subtlety, while in the vitamins, energy.
and in the vitamins, energy and safety.

Country Spain
Category 2022
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