The “Genergise supplements collection” is a range of energy powder products offered in sealed packages with a 200 ml hermetic seal (the third of three collection).

The packaging of our supplements is presented with a mix of colors and simple images that evoke at first sight the use and especially the advantages that our customer can have from each according to his needs.

Intended for a medium-high age group, the label presents a fruit whose caracteristics and respective advantages will be easily understood (vitamins, calories, etc.)
Necessary informations that can easily and directly reach our customer, based on personal taste and physical needs.
On the back of the packet there are also further details such as its nutritional values, details that will allow our buyers an immediate understanding on its use and will be specified on the back label like the quantity of powder to be diluited in water, the energy intake and the invitation to discover everything about the Fruit supplements collection.
Also unlike the rest of the collection, this one features six exclusive fruity integrators and six more limited edition flavors to try!

Our goods are addressed to a target where there is a need for an immediate understanding about the advantages and benefits, which are exactly what our labels want to convey through a minimal style with a fresh look, comfort in the packet to make our products better.

Country Italy
Category 2022
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