Team work, by: Ana Grades and Diana Duarte

This is a project for an elderly target.
The products are divided in three categories: organic syrups, skin care and vitamin supplements.
As for the graphic brand, we planned to create something sensitive, sensible, delicate and modern, since it’s a line of products that aims to care for people, and also for dealing with the target in question.
Our project’s main concern is sustainability. Therefore, for all products, we chose to define a package to be reused, with its successive disposable refills. They all follow the same pattern, the main packaging in glass with a screw cap of PHB bioplastic with cork covering, with the exception of the shower gel packaging, all in PHB bioplastic. Refills, for reusable packaging, are also of the same bioplastic, since they are biodegradable.
For the labels, we kept in mind the color and sustainability of the project, so that there isn’t a big waste of paper. We use water-based inks, black and pantone from the graphic brand, and we use kraft paper (weight 80g), for being a colored paper, and 100% recyclable. These are glued to the packaging, with water-based glue, so that they are easily removed.
Finally, we decided to use offset printing for labels on kraft paper and flexo printing for those printed on PHB bioplastic.
As for the finishings, we used blind embossing, on kraft paper, and spot varnish, in PHB bioplastic.

Country Portugal
Category 2020PT, TwentyTwenty