The Generise syrup energy drink and vitamins logo is handy for seniors because they can read the logo ‘Generise’ which is written in big letters.

On the vitamin bag the customers can see a drawing of the fruit of the taste that the vitamins have, which in this case is orange and you can also read the flavour under the generise logo. On the back there’s a QR code that people can scan for more info about the vitamin and what is does for the body. The pillow bag is made out of textured paper, so it can be recycled easy.

On the energy drink label you can also see a drawing of the flavour the drink has, which in this case is mint. Again, on the back label there’s a QR code for more info. The label is also made out of textured paper which can easily be removed from the bottle for easy recycling. The bottle is made out of glass and the lid is made out of wood.

Country Belgium
Category 2020PT, TwentyTwenty