The target audience of Genergise products are the elderly, so the brand created was made with them in mind. People of a certain age care about their well-being, so the brand represents that, but also their experiences and the elegance of aging. The main element, the “G” was built in a way that conveyed liveliness and grace, to represent the lives of our consumers and their desire for the physical wellness and looking young.
The contest revolves a lot around sustainability, so all of our packaging and labels were designed to fit into this “healthier” line of products. The set of packages, were made to be either reused or recycled. Some of which also beeing biodegradable, in order to make as little waste as possible. For example, in the vitamin, the refills are biodegradable, the cube is edible and the bamboo box can be reused.
The products are designed for elderly people, so the packaging was made especially for them. It was designed so they would have no difficulty in holding the packages and opening them. For example, in most skincare packaging the lid has these little balls on top, which make it easier for consumers with arthrosis to grab the lid and open it. The same goes for the bottle of concentrate (the energy drink), as it has flat faces and sharp edges, it is easier to hold the bottle and open the cap.
This project was made by a portuguese group of students from Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre.

Country Portugal
Category 2020PT, TwentyTwenty