My idea for this labels was inspired in the idea that eldery people are very wise with a lot of knowledge because in their young times things where more complicated, they have to be more creative, then you are now, because we have tech on our favor to help us out and they don´t. My labels are inspired in mystic things, in my opinion the eldery ones are mystical criatures with a lot to teach, in organic things and nature because is that the concept of the brand, in energy, light, movement and trips, because i think this is a brand dedicated to people that want to live their best life and have the energy to do it. To complement my label i decided to do ilustration, that are abstract, i want to this because i remember the times my grandmother help me with my homework, and make draws with me, and i remember too that she likes packages with illustration, another inspiration to do this work was her. My idea for a sustainable packaging is to use in the products glass in the jars with alumnium cap, plastic pump in glass bottles and ceramic in the Power Water Base Bottle with bambu cap, to be more suistainable my idea is to refill the package with new product, in the case of the ceramic bottle, people can reuse it for another proposes, because is easy to remove the label, the labels have to printed in high quality paper to endure.

Country Portugal
Category 2020PT, TwentyTwenty