The design is based on the texture of the cream, those wave-like waves that appear in the cream is the main theme of inspiration, it is also inspired by many other designs that also respect the environment, looking for that youthful air and dynamism.
The structural design has been reduced as much as possible to avoid excessive use of paper or plastic.
It consists of a rectangular strip and a small round sticker for the creams.
For the vitamins we have three stickers, a round one on the top with the Qr code and another one on the front and back.

The type of material we have used for this packaging is a plastic jar, but the idea is that it is a glass jar with a bamboo lid, so we painted the lid of the jar white to achieve a neutral color throughout the packaging and to make it easier to imagine it with a bamboo lid. And for the vitamins we used a kraft paper bag with zip closure.

Country Spain
Category 2022
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