The creation of the brand symbol was based on a nutritional research in which I looked for foods that contained the highest percentage of vitamin C and magnesium, which are the nutrients responsible for giving energy to our body. So I came to the conclusion that it was the spinach leaf that ended up becoming the symbol of the brand.
For the typography, based on researches I came to the conclusion that a serif typography would be the best option since the target audience has a better facility to read letters with serifs, in this segment I looked for a letter that was not thin to allow a better and easier reading.
Having as a final brand image the word Genergise to be surrounded by the leaf, giving a more organic touch and creating an idea of ​​sustainability to the brand, which is the brand’s objective. Finally I wanted to create a dynamic brand genre in which, depending on the color of the product / packaging, the color of the symbol / brand also adapts.
Based on the texture of the plant used in this product line, I developed an illustration to represent the Aloe Vera plant. The main image of this product is the circle and not the symbol of the brand for the simple reason that the two together overlap, so I decided to separate the symbol from the logo and create an organic shape that represented all the characteristics of the plant and the brand.

Country Portugal
Category 2020PT, TwentyTwenty