Our strategies:
Low environmental impact materials: use less polluting materials, which have a sustainable production, preferably recyclable, or which require less energy for their manufacture;
Energy efficiency: employ means of manufacture that consume less energy or have a less aggressive energy source to the environment;
Quality and durability: manufacture products that have a longer life span in order to generate less waste;
Reuse / Reuse: build objects from the reuse and reuse of others.
The packaging is made of biodegradable and compostable components.
The labels are designed for the use of water-based glues and paints.
The packages are all produced with 100% renewable materials.
The materials chosen are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable.
100% biodegradable bottle (compost) made of PLA – lactic polyacid plastic (biodegradable)
Label without adhesive, with QR Code and braille
We optimized the labels, including only the information that is strictly necessary, although it is necessary to use a thick font, considering the target audience for which the products are intended (third age).
The materials used on the labels are non-toxic. We used Kraft paper and printing with water-based inks.
The packaging can use caps with dosage (dropper) for greater profitability of the product.
We chose shipping boxes that optimize and reduce waste when storing packaging.
Thick typefaces, size and colour that facilitate legibility.
The packaging design is in line with the characteristics of the products, allowing them to be consumed in their entirety.
The optimization of materials is considered, namely through the reduction of thickness and weight.

Country Portugal
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