The packaging of the vitamins is very similar to the energy drink (see other entry) to create a coherent brand look. Only the title will change per different vitamins. This title is put in a very large font size to make sure that elderly people can read it. The font size of the ingredients list is also a bit larger. The packaging is made of a mono material PP with a PP laminate so that it is easily recyclable. There is a Euro punch hole in the packaging so that the packaging can also be hung in the store. There is also a zip to be able to re-close the packaging so that the vitamins stay good and none fall out when putting it aside. There is also 2 holes on the top so that the closed part above the zip is easy to rip off. There is a QR code on the packaging so they can get the Genergise app to be able to read more about the products and get reminder on their phone to take a vitamin. The website URL is also on the packaging for the elderly that don’t fully understand QR codes. They can look at the products from the site and get the app from the website.

Country Belgium
Category 2022
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