The GENERGISE brand identity was developed with the desire to make it attractive as well as informative for senior consumers, through a label that could be recognizable among others and stimulate the curiosity of the potential buyer.
The peculiarity of my work lies in the self-adhesive twin label on the front, which is composed of a base layer (the rectangular label) and a second one (the fruit shape) applied on top: thanks to a particular adhesive placed between the two sides, the double label can be opened and then be resealed back, revealing more information about the beneficial effects of the product and thus improving the customer’s experience.
This design wanted to utilize the fruit shape of the corresponding syrup flavor as the main focus point, in order to make this information immediately clear and to highlight the label through a bright-colored shape.
Other elements are simple and straight-forward fonts on a transparent background to keep the text fully readable, as well as a catchy phrase as the first “interaction” with the buyer in order to attract the senior target.
The sustainability aspect was made tangible by developing a label which could easily be peeled off once the product was fully consumed, to stimulate the re-usage of the glass bottle. To do so, a non-sticked corner has been added to the top right, as well as a printed arrow which suggests the peeling motion.
The label is also conceived to be made out of wood pulp, making it 100% compostable.

Country Italy
Category 2022
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