Sustainability these days should be a more present factor in our daily lives. This project has challenged us to create something innovative and friendly to the planet. Speaking a little about our project, for the brand Genergise we created a graphic identity that identified with the target audience, a simple identity that remains in memory. Recycling, composting and reuse were the predominant factors to carry out the project for this contest. We decided to direct our project but Body Wash, Vitamin C and Organic Syrup. Speaking a little about the process involved. For Body Wash we chose for its packaging to use PLA bioplastic because it is a more sustainable option. Its lid would be bamboo with interior in bioplastic PLA also to preserve the product and the printing of the information replacing the label would be with water-based ink, emerald offset ink with cradle to cradle certification. In the next products sustainability was also always present as much as possible, from its production to the chosen materials. It would then be packaging with recycled glass, with bamboo lid and PLA bioplastic interior to preserve the product. The label would be with TCF paper for being an environmentally friendly paper, with 115 grams, without chlorine toxicants and for being a paper with FSC, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification. The printing would be with water-based inks, emerald offset inks with cradle to cradle certification.

Country Portugal
Category 2020PT, TwentyTwenty